This is the religious book section in the library, combining our goal to educate the students and enhance their spiritual selves.


Our mission is to teach, learn and grow in the traditions of faith.


Little Flower Catholic School with be a school that:
• treasures the teachings of Jesus and through those teachings develops a sense of community and of service to others.
• employs individuals who desire to ground children in faith and the teachings of the Catholic Church.
• encourages teachers/staff to put Catholic values into action.
• is rich in diversity and where differences are readily accepted and respected.
• reaches out to students who lack the resources to attend a Catholic school.
• expects and nurtures in students a love of learning and a commitment to becoming active learners.
• works with family and communities as a team to enrich the total fiber of each child.
• provides students with the academic and social skills, tools, and attitudes needed to succeed in the 21st Century.


College, Career and Heaven