Harcourt Language Arts
This site provides learning activities and tools that go along with the school district’s adopted reading series. Click on a grade or a specific activity to get started.

Harcourt Spelling
Choose a grade level to view spelling units in the district’s adopted spelling series.

Visual Fractions
Activities to help your child practice anything with fractions – identify, rename, compare, add, subtract, multiply or divide them. Investigate uses for fractions and play fraction games.

Create a Graph
Got data? Use this interactive tool to create whatever type of graph fits your data best – pie, bar, line, area or coordinate graph.

Social Studies for Kids
World history, current events, geography, timelines – it’s all here to learn more about our world.

How Everyday Things are Made
Watch videos that show how everyday objects and machines are manufactured. Tie this information to careers, answer questions, and test your own knowledge!

NASA for Students
Our space program is full of exciting discoveries! Find out where in our universe we’re headed next.

There is no end to what you can explore on this site! Pictures, videos, information about anything you want to learn.

National Geographic for Kids
Animals, countries, videos, games, beautiful photos, activities galore – dare to explore!

What’s It Like to Live Where You Live?
Want to visit the rainforest? Tundra? Taiga, Desert, Temperate Zone or Grasslands? Learn about the biomes of the world through this interactive site.

Explore the States
Click on a state and learn all about its most interesting facts!