Pre-School Tuition Rates 2019-2020

$3,400 per year ($340 per month) for each child.

No discounts given for multiple children.

Pre-School Fees

DescriptionPer Family/Per StudentFee AmountDue Date
per family$100Due with Registration Form
Family Assessmentper family$100Due June 1
Program Feeper student$50Due before school begins
Pupil TaxPer Student$40Due before school begins
TechnologyPer Student$100Due before school begins
T-Shirt FeePer Student$10Due before school begins

• Tuition is paid over ten months
• The first payment due in August and the final payment due May 1.
• You can pay in full on or before August 1, 2019.
• You can pay by the month with cash, check or money order.
• Options available to setup online bank payment with your bank.
• Payments are submitted to school and receipted by the school.

• Tuition payments are due on the first (1st) of each month and are delinquent after the tenth (10th) of the month.
• If an account is 10 days past due, a reminder notice will be sent and late charges of $10.00 will be added.
• If the account is 20 days past due, the child/children may not return to school until the tuition and late fees are paid.