SCRIP Fundraising Challenge

SCRIP is a fundraising tool where you purchase gift cards for face value and the company donates a percentage (2%-16%) of the purchase back to Little Flower. Gift cards can be purchased and delivered to your computer, or you can purchase and use them on your phone using the Raise Right mobile app, within minutes.  To receive Gift cards to your computer or phone instantly, you must pay with a bank account or credit card. Purchases made with your bank account have a transaction fee of 15 cents, and credit cards have a 2.6% transaction fee. The fundraiser will last from October 1 until December 31st.

The Challenge: We will have four teams all raising money for different causes.

·        Team Fr. John will be raising money for the Lynes Share Scholarship Fund

·        Team Fr. Plessala will be raising money for the Church Beautification Fund

·        Team LF School will be raising money for addition Technology

·        Team LF Booster Club will be raising money for Little Flower Athletics

·        At the end of December the team that has raised the most money will win the Challenge

·        The winning team will then get 10% of the other three teams money to add to their total

Set Up Your Account on your Computer or your Phone:

·        On your computer go to and click Join a Program

·        On your phone download the Raise Right App and click Join Program

·        Enter Little Flower Enrollment Code:  Email MICHAEL BRISBANE for code.

·        Fill out required Information

·        Join a Team: When filling out your profile, in the Classroom/Group portion enter either, Fr John, Fr Peyton, LF School, or LF Booster Club

·        You must enter a team name to have your funds included in the challenge

·        Add a bank account to your SCRIP Account

·        Large Banks will auto fill as you type the name of your bank, then you use your online banking info

·        Accounts at smaller banks will be verified by small deposits made into your account

·        Start purchasing gift cards

Once you create your account you may use all platforms to purchase and use gift cards. Example, If  you purchase an e-gift card on your computer at, it will be in your wallet at and in your wallet in the Raise Right app.

·        E-gift cards are delivered to your wallet within a minute or two

·        Reloadable cards: A physical card must be purchased first through the parish office, then you enter that card into your wallet and it can be added to at any time

·        If the only option is a card, that is a physical card that will be ordered and sent to the church office