What is SCRIP and How Do I Participate?

SCRIP is fundraising while you shop. The SCRIP program is the most effective fundraising tool available to Little Flower Catholic Church and School. Why, because all you have to do is use SCRIP gift cards to do your everyday shopping, and we will earn rebates of 2-15% from every purchase. That’s right, we are not asking you to donate any money, just participate in the program. The rebates come from the companies where you shop.

Now using SCRIP Cards is easier. No more waiting for your cards to be sent by mail, print them directly from your computer, use them on your smart phone, or reload cards you already own. Please watch the short video I have created to show you how easy it is to use the new scrip program. Then visit shopwithscrip.com to create your account. I hope you will embrace this program and make it part of your fundraising efforts for Little Flower.

Michael Brisbane
SCRIP Coordinator